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Postcall Podcast

A weekly podcast about what you love about medicine and what you love outside of your career, hosted by Nick Andrews.


Oct 4, 2019

Nick and Emi Okamoto, MD, talk about the changes you'd like to see to electronic medical records systems as well as some issues with data and reporting in recent dietary studies.

The interview this week is Luke S. Johnson, MD, a dermatologist with a focus on pediatric dermatology at the University of Utah. Dr. Johnson is the founder and co-host of the brand new Dermasphere podcast. 

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  • Transplant surgeon gets Hep C-positive heart: 01:51
  • Pediatric milk recommendations: 04:33
  • Red meat data: 07:42
  • What changes would you make to your EMR/EHR?: 11:50
  • Interview with Luke Johnson, MD: 19:00