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Postcall Podcast

A weekly podcast about what you love about medicine and what you love outside of your career, hosted by Nick Andrews.


Oct 18, 2019

Nick Andrews and Emi Okamoto, MD, talk about how to decrease the number of phone calls to your office, how more and more people view mental illness as a threat, and how to handle it when your family and friends ask for medical advice. 

The interview this week is Taylor Brana, DO, the founder, producer, and host of the Happy Doc Podcast. 


  • Is mental illness threatening? (01:58)
  • Preview gender empowerment conversation (06:08)
  • How to decrease your office phone calls (06:58)
  • Should you charge your friends for medical advice? (09:25)
  • Meet the guest (14:15)
  • Interview (18:50)


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