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Postcall Podcast

A weekly podcast about what you love about medicine and what you love outside of your career, hosted by Nick Andrews.


Jun 14, 2019

Show Notes:

The first ever Postcall Lounge with Emi Okamoto, MD, and Ed DelSole, MD. 

You can contact the show at and you can find Nick on Twitter at @tribnic.

Dr. DelSole is an orthopedic spine surgeon with the Rothman Institute in Philadelphia, PA soon to be in practice in Scranton, PA. He and Dr. Okamota know one another from their med school days.

Topics this week include an op-ed by Danielle Ofri, MD, published in the New York Times in early June 2019 which addressed how business exploits healthcare workers, especially doctors and nurses. Emi also opens up about how she and her colleagues address burnout in her workplace, Dr. DelSole gives five tips that have helped him stay optimistic throughout med school, training and into his career. 

Time Stamps:

  • Dr. Ofri op-ed - 05:05
  • Dr. DelSole's op-ed on the biggest problem in medicine - 09:01
  • Burnout in Emi's clinic - 12:55
  • How internal medicine residents spend their days - 13:58
  • "You have more power than you think" - 16:53
  • 5 things that keep Dr. DelSole optimistic - 20:49
    • Book recommendations about the life of doctors and surgeons - 25:40 

Outline and Links: