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Postcall Podcast

A weekly podcast about what you love about medicine and what you love outside of your career, hosted by Nick Andrews.


May 24, 2019

Emi takes the MDedge weekly quiz, she gives some advice for all the new interns out there, Nick suggests movies that could help interns and residents identify with the struggle, and Nick and Emi discuss the commentary "Better Words for Better Deaths" by this week's guest, Anna DeForest, MD.

Show Outline:

  1. MDedge Quiz
  2. Emi answers questions from the #SoMeDocs Twitter chat.
  3. Nick's intern survival movie list:
    1. Miracle
    2. Whiplash
    3. Somm
  4. Nick and Emi discuss "Better Words for Better Deaths"


Interview with Anna DeForest, MD about her work in the New England Journal of Medicine.

  1. Reasons to Live (Short stories by Amy Hempel).
  2. Terror Management Theory


You can contact the show by emailing us at and you can interact with Nick on Twitter @tribnic.